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GURUKULAM -The Shloka Learning Centre was found on 20th October 2014.

Bangalore is not short of Music Schools, Dance Schools, Art Schools and Yoga Schools so why not a Shloka School?

Thats when GURUKULAM was born - the primary aim to keep traditional roots in place and also tap an area left untapped.

 A shloka is a "verse" taken from a religious text like Ramayana or Gita.


Regular chanting helps one come out of different challenges that you face on a day to day basis. It takes away mental pressure, thereby improving consciousness and bringing about steadiness in the mind.Eventually, as the mind becomes calm, the body relaxes and the breath becomes slower, negative thoughts are driven away, releasing more energy, strength and focus. Regular chanting of mantras acts as a brain stabiliser, which is, in turn, an energy medicine for stress.Regular chanting helps you heal from high blood pressure, anxiety and depressive disorders, including epilepsy, as has been proven through clinical practice.

Apart from this, my own experience of chanting, both from doing it myself and teaching children, have taught me much about it. Especially in kids, I have found that it:

1). Improves concentrationRegular chanting will cause profound changes in the mind-body physiology and psychology, thereby bringing out more focus on a particular task and increasing concentration.

2). Reduces violence and angerLetting go is a very powerful technique, but it’s very difficult to expect kids to let go of anger and frustration, so there are a few shlokas that help children them. Regular practice of these shlokas will bring the desired change in kids. You’ll see the difference once they start. 

3). Creates values among children:Prayer for peace and healing for all beings. Prayer time should be a period of joy, devotion and piety and never of boredom or force. This they will develop over time.

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